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Oklahoma's Leader in Demolition and Safety

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We’re based in Oklahoma City!

With over 50 combined years in demolition management and disaster response, our professional approach has won us projects across the state of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, New Mexico and Arkansas.



Changing the future of demolition means thinking differently.

We are looking for honest and dependable people who want a good job. Experience in skilled laborer type, heavy equipment operator, CDL truck driver in  construction related work is preferred.

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CDL Truck Driver 

Oklahoma City, OK 

We need a Dump Truck Driver for our construction team. In this position, you drive your truck to a pick-up site, load the proper materials, and drop it off at the construction site. While you may not be actively involved in loading and unloading your truck, you should be physically capable of assisting in all tasks. In addition to your hauling duties, you must inspect your truck for any damage or general mechanical issues. You should have some experience in the trucking industry, whether hauling loads across the country. You also need a CDL A license.

Heavy Equipment Operator 

Oklahoma City, OK

Operating heavy equipment on the job site. Qualifications: Preferred candidate with at least 5 years of Commercial Construction experience.

Skilled Laboroer

Oklahoma City, OK

The skilled laborer's responsibilities include ensuring worksites are clean and safe, erecting scaffolding, spreading gravel, using drills, jackhammers, and other power tools, and providing assistance with heavy machinery. You should also be able to take instruction from superiors and complete on-the-job training.

If you want to be part of our team. Just click here below.

Construction Workers
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